Who is jaslene dating

Jaslene quickly filled in as an online school confirmations counsel before she started displaying full-time in 2006.

Around the same time, she was a candidate on ‘America’s Next Top Model’ unscripted television appear yet was dispensed with before the last round.

In May 2007, she has delegated the champ of ‘America’s Next Top Model’, turning into the main Latina to win the title.

In July 2007, she said a final farewell to her long-lasting sweetheart, freely uncovering surprisingly that she had been a casualty of residential mishandle.

As a young girl, Jaslene would compete with her aunt in local beauty pageants, drawn to the world of fashion since an early age.

Extremely close to her large family, weekends were a time for gatherings at her grandmother's house.

She went to ‘Notre Dame High School for Girls’ in Chicago, where she depicted herself as a ‘weirdo’ and has had an enthusiasm for demonstrating since age 14.

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A beautiful young woman still in the prime of her life, Jaslene has a very bright future ahead of her in the world of fashion and modeling.Jaslene González was born on May 29, 1986, in Puerto Rico to a Puerto Rican father and a Latina mother and she has two younger brothers and one younger sister.She experienced childhood in the Humboldt Park range of Chicago and at age 12, she contemplated move at her granddad’s movie studio, including salsa, hip bounce, and merengue.In 2002 at age 16, she began working for Avant Garde Models, motivated and tutored by the Chicago firm architect Michelle Gomez.In 2003, when she was a senior in secondary school, Jaslene started dating her first genuine Beau however in 2005 the relationship started to turn vicious when her sweetheart debilitated suicide and conferred different types of mishandling against Jaslene when she attempted to say a final farewell to him.

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