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Backing up an i Phone is important because it allows you to recover all of your personal data, apps, and stuff, if you ever need to restore the i Phone, upgrade it, or replace it with a new phone, all of which is done by restoring from the backups that are made.

By default your i Phone will automatically sync and create a backup itself, and this can be done one of two ways.

Step 3: Select the email account for which you want to change the password.

Additionally, you can have backups stored both on a computer as made through i Tunes, in addition to i Cloud, which is the backup procedure we’ll cover next.For most Web-based email providers like Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook, you will do this through a Web browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome.But if you have your email account synced on your i Phone 5, you will need to update to the new password on there as well.Click here to learn more about Google’s application-specific passwords.You can learn how to change your email password on the i Phone 5 by following the steps laid out below. Step 2: Scroll down and select the Mail, Contacts, Calendars option.

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