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[caption id="attachment_164516" align="alignleft" width="300"] Columbia Pictures[/caption] Sometimes, two ladies make out with each other in major motion pictures. Beckinsale is jealous of this, so she does what any vengeful person would do in that situation: kiss her fiance's mom (Frances Mc Dormand) in a pool with a 90-pound British punk rocker watching. We've reached the full-fledged NSFW part of the countdown!

Other times, they not only make out with each other — they simulate sexual intercourse with each other. " (laughs to himself.) A ranking of such scenes is an inexact science, but we've created a surefire formula at Next Movie: Which do we like the most? There's a colleague of Bale's who wishes to have carnal relations with him. Wash your hands and give yourself a pat on the back.

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The hottest mother daughter sex is waiting for you on our site.AND because the Internet exists, each of those instances is easily accessible to everybody with a computer, context-free. Gentlemen (and ladies), start your history deletions! (Although if you've been following along at work up until this point, you're probably fired and definitely on notice.) Sarandon and Deneuve get down to opera music in a bathtub. When "Black Swan" isn't about Natalie Portman's mother cutting Portman's fingernails in the most nauseatingly disgusting manner humanly possible, it's about the bizarre relationship between her character and that of Mila Kunis, who eventually spend a night out on the town culminating in a tryst back at Portman's, featured below.Sounds like the name of a terrible Williamsburg band's debut album, but it's actually what happens in the below video (which again is NSFW unless you work here). The second NSFW clip on our countdown features Emily Blunt in one of her earlier acting roles, having fallen in love with Natalie Press during a fateful summer and deciding to go and take off her shirt about it or something. Portman would go on to win the Oscar for Best Actress in a Leading Role for the film, which just goes to show any young aspiring actress that all you need to do to be successful is to convince Mila Kunis to have sex with you on camera. The clip also begins with Emily Blunt , so don't say that the uploader is without a sense of humor even though she scores self-edited You Tube videos with The Cure. When I told a friend I was about to write this article, he asked if I was going to call it "Gina Gershon's Acting Reel," so I suppose Gina has a reputation for this type of scene? Or maybe that friend just recently watched Gina seduce Nomi Malone?

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