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We got this idea from watching the TV show "Community" (the students at a community college make a giant blanket fort on campus). The youth spent about 30 minutes assembling the fort, then played board games inside.The youth did a baking competition (sort of like "Cupcake Wars" or "Chopped," but slightly different).Each received a package of chocolate chip cookie mix (and eggs, oil, etc needed for the mix).Then each couple took turns selecting add-in items from a tray of unusual goodies (licorice, swedish fish, mint chips, caramels, pretzels. Then while the cookie creations were baking, the youth played a board game.Some of the cookies were.....interesting :) SUPPLIES NEEDED: cookie mix & ingredients need (1 per couple), cookie sheets & mixing bowls (1 per couple), variety of miscellaneous extra add-in ingredients (could use leftover holiday candy after Christmas, Easter, Halloween, etc) COST: (for 3 cookie mixes.Would be more if you need to buy add-ins, but its best to use stuff you have around the house.Actually, the kids thought the dill relish was the worst of all. Basically you need 2 couples (could possibly do 3 couples?

Basically you get a bunch of condiments from the fridge (ketchup, mustard, honey, ranch, hot sauce, chocolate syrup, etc) and put them in a circle on the table.Since they will be in close proximately, they will have to use their charm to talk people into choosing their lemonade over the lemonade of the competing couple. Some of the most difficult counsel the LDS Church gives to youth just got a whole lot easier to follow.I'm the YW President in our ward and have been working with the youth for the past 5 years. So, when it comes to talking about dating, its pretty much been a daily topic of conversation for me...:) Well, I can't do much about #1, #2, #4 or #5 (though we do regularly have lessons with the ym/yw that encourage them to date following the FTSOY standards).I think I will cover #3 in another post, so be watching for that (it will be in the "dating" section when it is posted).

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