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I like that I’m in this generation where during our lifetime technology really exploded and improved exponentially so we experienced both sides of it.

Anyway, I was watching the Microsoft press event and later the EA press event going on at E3.

A lot of my co-workers were also laid off in the past year, and all of them are happier for it.

Hopefully I follow suit, but I don’t anticipate that being a problem.

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While I was doing this I was IMing another friend of mine proposing this infinite feedback loop scenario.Today is my first weekday completely unemployed and I intend to enjoy it 🙂 I think I finally made it over the hump in Mass Effect (finally I can travel between planets) so I anticipate immersing myself into that universe in the coming weeks.I have a friend who I think has some nerd shame which is the reason he’s trying to find someone interested in non-nerd stuff (and pretending to not be a nerd) because that would be “cooler.” Myself and his other friends are of the opinion that this is something you do when you’re in high school, not something you do when you’re in your late twenties. If you did then you’re better at deciphering my mom’s  computer terminology than I am.Turns out my mom had made her Firefox Google search field really large and as a result shrunk her location bar down until it was very tiny.Her location bar with the URL is the “top rectangular website wording” which she needed to cut and paste URLs to email to other people.

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