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In principle therefore, all later editions which do not carry such "margin-dating" information thusly allow a reliable differentiation.

The author knows of only one print where a subsequent early edition still bears the date block--the "Kegon Falls" print (#U-3), which is known as a first edition with two different publishers seals A and B.

One print, "Senzoji Temple, Asakusa" (#U-30), as an exception, is known without carrying the carver seal.

The combination D-H-I - never in conjunction with a date J - is in use only since approximately 1999 for posthumous editions, but as it seems, not consistently for all reprints.

Kasamatsu's prints published by Unsodo show in their left margin (a very few prints on their right margin) typically three seals - publisher, printer and carver.

Additionally, according to Unsodo, only the first edition of 100 (occasionally to 250) prints of a given Kasamatsu print bears in the lowest position of this same left margin the Japanese style DATE written in Japanese "kanji" characters--just below the typical publisher, carver and printer seals.

The blocks of these prints were destroyed in the fire following the 1923 Great Kanto Earthquake; therefore, they never were reprinted after 1923.

These are not true "publisher's seals," but the seals of the printer (Suri) Ono Gintaro, who was one of Watanabe's long term printers.

The "Gei" kanji is the first character of the name Unsodo."Portrait" format prints have the waternmark in the lower left corner of the paper, in "landscape" format prints the watermarks migrates into the left upper corner.Shinmi Saburo (whose name also allows the pronunciation Niimi Saburo) printed virtually all Kasamatsu prints, from the "first editions" in the 1950's until about 1996.The Kasamatsu prints, published by Watanabe, do not bear carver's and printer's seals.Sometimes we find a pencil written title and an artist's signature on the lower margin; such writing however does not stem from the artist, but was later added by Watanabe's sales staff on prints destined for foreign customers.

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