Dating chicago fireman

Pattison said it was not a joke and that he did not mean to offend anyone.The fire commissioner said there is zero tolerance for discriminatory behavior.The two stand accused of attacking a 20-year-old man and taking his North Face jacket, cell phone, keys and wallet around 4 p.m.

John Boyle went to prison in the 1990s for stealing million in quarters from the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority.

“When you get your first detail at a firehouse, you pretty much know what you are getting yourself into,” said Engine 55 firefighter Patrick Trout.

“So you would have to say it was probably a bad call.” The fire commissioner said Pattinson was officially discharged before he officially started the job.

No one was injured in the blazes, but a fire Monday at a Chicago school damaged its computer room. Jeffrey Boyle, 46, admitted setting the four fires in Chicago.

He was charged with eight felony arson counts in all, including four from the series of fires in suburban Park Ridge. Wayne Micek said Boyle mentioned girlfriend problems and losing bets as events that brought on stress and that he dealt with the impulse to set fires ''for some time.'' ''He said he was just stupid, he did stupid things at different times in his life when he was under stress,'' said Micek.

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