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"They keep going back to each other because it's familiar.It's about emotionally feeling wanted in a moment, but it feels impossible to let anybody else fill that void."I didn't really know you could make a living in songwriting," said Hunt."I was just very fortunate to have the opportunity to play a few songs for a guy there named Jimmy Ritchey."Other writers have the ability to complement certain things I might do. I do it now with people I'm good friends with and that's even more of a benefit." That process is how "Come Over" was born.Hunt, Shane Mc Anally and Josh Osborne gathered to work on songs and began by talking through some ideas.It was really, really cool." "Going through this whole process of moving up to Nashville, kind of dreaming it and not knowing much about how it worked," Hunt said."To have something you could touch or hear coming through the speakers created a lot of emotions in that moment." Hunt joined the UAB football program in 2005 after transferring from Middle Tennessee and started 19 games at quarterback in 20.

Jana Kramer got a very special present when she turned 31 on Tuesday, Dec.In May, just before the release of "Come Over" as the album's second single, Chesney described the song in a story on " 'Come Over' is about two people who are as broken as their relationship is, when they realize deep down that their time together has probably run its own course, but they aren't really ready to emotionally or physically move on to something else," Chesney told the website.He didn't have a radio in the house so he decided to pull the car up to the kitchen door and listen until he heard his song."When I turned the key, I clicked it to the radio station, started to back up and I heard the song come on right then," said Hunt, a 27-year-old Cedartown, Ga. "From start to finish, I just sat in the car and listened to it.

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