Chat bots with naughty pictures

He has her bend over with her BIG BUTT in his face repeating "I have a big butt," and spanking herself while he takes photos.

He then has her walk around in a mindless zombie state with her hands in front repeating more mantra of her being his brainwashed slave.

He is Master and she must do everything he commands.

She quickly gets up, pulling her skirt back down, horrified. Her body betrays her no matter how much she tries to fight it. As much fun as it was to humiliate her, he wants her compliant now...completely in his command.

She goes back and forth from blank stares while clucking to looking at him in anger. " Finally, she's able to lower her "wings" after struggling for a while. He has her walk for him with her hands in front repeating mantras of his control, then he has her lift up her top to show off her HUGE TITS so he can grope them.

They sit silently in a trance until the guy they are fighting over returns to find them.

When he discovers that they are both hypnotized and obedient, he decides to have a little fun and make them both into his mindless slaves.

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