Accomodating gifted students in music education

You may be able to complete sections of the worksheet as you read the lesson. Their achievement or potential ability can be in: Gifted learners often learn quicker and at a deeper level of understanding than other students in the classroom, and readily see complexities and connections to the real world.However, other educators add that the interests of gifted learners are often intense and urgent, and they are often socially out of sync with their peers.A teacher’s responsibility is to teach the and to make sure that all students learn new content every day.Gifted students already know much of what we are planning to teach, and they can learn new material in much less time than their age peers.... conclude that being smart means doing things easily.There are several resources listed in the references for this lesson that you can refer to for suggestions on how to help these students.You just have to do a Google search to come up with a whole range of characteristics for different types of gifted students.You can find additional information about the gifted education within the Commonwealth by visiting these sites: ) While gifted students are expected to meet local, state, and national educational standards, the National Association for Gifted Children developed and released the Pre-K- Grade 12 Gifted Program Standards to assist schools in designing their own programs for gifted learners.As noted in the last lesson, the three areas that can be adjusted to differentiate instruction are content, process and products.

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Products that draw upon a variety of learning styles and intelligences include: models, diagrams, letters, videos, debates, displays, dramatizations, multimedia presentations, concept maps, stories, sculptures, paintings, songs, scripts, classification systems, advertisements, creating content web sites, and cookbooks.For gifted students: Content - Keeping in mind the characteristics of the gifted learner, the content or subject material may need to be provided at a faster pace or higher instructional level.Some strategies that might be utilized for adapting the content include customized learning contracts (Tomlinson, 2004, pp.Winebrenner (2001) estimates that anywhere from 10 to 30 percent of gifted students also have a learning disability, and sadly, once a learning disability is identified, a student's giftedness may go unidentified."Before concluding that a gifted child is lazy or has an attitude problem, consider that poor performance may indicate a learning disability" (p. Such children must be taught specific compensation strategies and must understand that they have two issues to deal with in life.

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